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The idea came in 2014 – the intention was announced in 2017 – and now it’s finally the time: after months of intensive preparation, the third edition of the legendary »sonambiente« Berlin festival for eyes and ears opens on Friday, August 20th at 6 pm in Terminal A / B of Berlin Tegel airport. As festival directors Matthias Osterwold, Florian Wachinger and Georg

Talbot Rice Gallery and Edinburgh Art Festival are pleased to announce that a new sound installation by artist Emeka Ogboh (b. 1977, Nigeria) will be unveiled at Edinburgh’s Burns Monument on 29 July 2021. The new public artwork, co-commissioned by Talbot Rice Gallery and Edinburgh Art Festival, is a response to the ongoing theatre surrounding the UK’s departure from the European Union.

Mit seiner Soundinstallation „This Too Shall Pass“ reflektiert Emeka Ogboh die Krisenmomente des letzten Jahres und schenkt Frankfurt eine Hymne des Aufbruchs. Im Schatten der Hochhäuser Frankfurts fährt ein unscheinbares grünes Boot auf dem Main. Die Fahrgäste scheinen sich auf dem Aussichtsdeck platziert zu haben, um die Skyline zu betrachten. Doch bei genauem Hinsehen, das Schiff nähert sich langsam dem Ufer, verwandeln sich die

La cuisine est au centre de l’exposition « Stirring the pot » présentée à la Friche la Belle de Mai. Un événement sensoriel orchestré par plusieurs chefs africains. Des bananes mijotent dans une casserole, des oignons grésillent dans une poêle, pendant que des mains habiles pétrissent une pâte. Aux fourneaux, la cheffe d’origine béninoise Georgiana Viou prépare une focaccia de son cru, devant l’objectif d’Emeka Ogboh.

The Nigerian artist Emeka Ogboh has launched a poster campaign that seeks to introduce urgency into the long-running discussion about the restitution of Benin sculptures looted by British troops and on display in museums in Europe and North America. His posters, on public display in Dresden and towns nearby, show images of Benin bronzes in Dresden’s Museum für Völkerkunde with the text “Missing in

For the first time in Germany, the Kunstmuseum Ravensburg is exhibiting Emeka Ogboh’s (born 1977, lives in Berlin) striking sound and light installation The Way Earthly Things are Going, created by the Nigerian artist in 2017 for the documenta 14 in Athens. It came into being in the course of his examination of the impact of the international financial crisis, in particular the Greek economic crisis.

Amuse-bouche. The Taste of Art» is the third art experiment at Museum Tinguely, entering the world of the human senses. These play an essential role in the experience of art. Our perception is always multisensory and strongly influenced by individual emotions and memories. Especially regarding the sense of taste, it often cannot be separated from the sense of smell or the sense of sight. Amuse-bouche focuses on the sense of taste and poses

Is there a reason why these words use the same letters? Coincidence? A proverb says,´To be a good listener you have to be silent first.' Guided by this inspiring theme, we explore the many aspects and relationships of silence and listening. We experience the communication of nature in its many facets, discover places dedicated to silence and exchange and experience the poetry of silence as well