Emeka Ogboh
  -  Art   -  FIAC Projects : Sufferhead Original Paris (2019)
Sufferhead Original Paris

FIAC Projects (17th – 20th October 2019) presents some thirty sculptures and installations, within the prestigious setting of the Petit Palais and on the Avenue Winston Churchill, pedestrianised during FIAC week. Instigated by FIAC, the pedestrianisation of the Avenue has enabled the temporary reconstitution of the original esplanade of the 1900 World Fair, thus connecting the Petit Palais and the Grand Palais. This site creates an unprecedented platform to exhibit artworks within a patrimonial setting. This year, FIAC Projects is conceived in collaboration with Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel. In her capacity as invited curator, Rebecca Lamarche- Vadel participates in the selection of artworks together with FIAC and the curatorial teams of the Petit Palais and is responsible for the conception and design of the exhibition presented within the Petit Palais.