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At the Mona Foma festival in Tasmania, the artist distills migration narratives to challenge the status quo ‘STOP THE BOATS’ is also the starting point for the latest project by Lagos- and Berlin-based artist Emeka Ogboh. Boats (2024) is one of the highlights of Mona Foma, the summer festival of Tasmania’s Museum of Old and New Art, and it will launch on February 15 with a sharing feast. Including an exhibition and a culinary experience, the project is centered around the release of a new drink, a gin, infused with Nigerian and Tasmanian

Ojuelegba is a new multisensory installation from renowned Nigerian artist Emeka Ogboh. Inspired by the district Ojuelegba in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria, Ogboh’s installation envisions an immersive experience where sight and sound entwine. Visual elements drawn from random selections of Ojuelegba's environment synchronize with the rhythmic cadences of Ogboh’s album 6°30′33.372″N 3°22′0.66″E, an auditory portrait woven from the fabric of daily life in the district. The result is an ever-changing and dynamic installation wherein each interaction is a unique experience, resonating with the ever-evolving nature of Ojuelegba itself. Ojuelegba is part

Ausstellung „ABJ"Emeka Ogboh erforscht in seiner audiovisuellen Installation "ABJ" in Abidjan Migration mit den Sinnen. Der Berliner Künstler Emeka Ogboh zeigt ab 09. Januar 2024 sein neuestes Projekt „ABJ“ in Abidjan, wo es bis zum 26. Mai 2024 im Kunstraum SOMETHING zu sehen und zu erleben ist. Auf Einladung von SOMETHING und des Goethe-Instituts Abidjan erforschte Emeka Ogboh den Einfluss von Migration im Herzen der lebhaften Märkte Abidjans und macht das Thema über eine einzigartige Sinneserfahrung für die Besucher*innen erlebbar. ABJ ist der Flughafencode für Abidjan. Der Titel markiert Emeka Ogbohs

Drawing inspiration from London’s Tate Modern and extracting its essence through key descriptions , ‘Untitled 1’ captures the gallery’s historical and contemporary narratives. The beer embodies the fusion of art and data analysis, transforming unique characteristics of the Tate Modern into a brew. Its design echoes the raw aesthetic of the Tate Tanks, featuring a matte finish on the can, which provides a tactile connection for the project. ‘Untitled 1’ is where art, history, and taste fuses, I believe this sensory journey will be an enjoyable experience for all who

"THIS TOO SHALL PASS – TUTTO PASSA," scheduled for September 16, 2023, at 10am in Piazzale degli Uffizi, represents a transformative intersection of music and visual art. Facilitated by Villa Romana and curated by Euphoria, Tutto Passa is poised to provide a unique perspective on our rapidly evolving global landscape. Emeka Ogboh's work, set against the backdrop of the historic Piazzale degli Uffizi, serves as a poignant reminder of the unifying power of song, particularly pertinent in the context of contemporary societal challenges.